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Facility Managers

You probably heard it growing up… Don’t be a problem, be a problem solver. Taking that to heart is what made you the successful facility manager you are today. You’re a planner, collaborator, adaptable to change, and decisive. Your dream is to transform spaces into connected ecosystems, all while saving energy and maximizing efficiencies. You are the conductor of your space.

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Smart Solutions

Whether smart buildings, smart products, or smart energy, you now can now begin transforming with Altair. We help simplify the management of devices and data in commercial buildings through innovative IoT applications. Our solution combines cloud-based visualization and management with automation at the edge to drive additional value for energy and facilities management.

Altair solutions are easy to set up with simple, yet powerful controls and user interface, you can manage all building data, systems, equipment, sensors, and third-party information in a single, intuitive platform. Your job is hard enough – always on, unpredictable. Altair can help. Simplify and streamline your toughest challenges with our smart building solutions.